FreeBSD builder/installer

  • v0.9.5 (Last updated: 2011/09/08)


  • Updates source via CVSup.
  • Builds world and/or kernel(s).
  • Installs world and/or kernel(s) in correct order.
  • Installs multiple kernels in separate directories (KERNCONF) along with a default kernel.
  • Calls mergemaster for configuration.
  • Written in Bourne shell.
  • May be run automatically (needs more testing).

FreeBSD nullfs jail builder

FreeBSD Port Conductor

  • v0.4.1 (Last updated: 2007/08/05)


  • ALPHA (but close to BETA) quality! Bugs may be found. I use it on my system all of the time
  • Uses Perl.
  • It does not use /usr/ports/INDEX, therefore, rebuilding that is not required.
  • All files to be updated are downloaded before the ports are touched.
  • It should be stricter on following dependencies. It builds a tree internally finding all ports that need to be upgraded or installed before starting.
  • Crash recovery. A user can continue from where a failure occurs. For example, if a build fails, the program will exit. Fix the build. Start the program back up to continue the upgrade of the system.
  • It will have deletion support. This is not finished.
  • Detects (and deletes) dead dependencies. This prevents failures (i.e., pine upgraded from openldap-client21 to openldap-client22 which conflict with each other.
  • Many options will try to be the same between portupgrade and pc although some exceptions will exist. For example, -R assumes -r. This is part of the stricter dependencies.